Betfair Cash Out

Betfair Cash Out

by 30th November 2015

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What Is Betfair Cash Out And How To Use It?

Have you ever been frustrated on losing a bet that had minutes to go and you were in a winning position, I know we have. Well Betfair Sportsbook has a feature called Cash Out. This Cash Out feature allows you to do just as the name suggests you can cash your bet out at anytime. Betfair Cash Out is available on a variety of sports including football, tennis, golf and horse racing (UK and Irish) to mention just a few.

You can find out what markets have cash outs available by a small orange Cash Out symbol on your bet slip and on Betfair Mobile.

If you do want to Cash Out you just hit the “Take” button and it will start to Cash Out your bet, from time to time it will say it cannot Cash Out. This will be due to something happening in the event that is causing the markets to change. Once the markets have reformed you can try the Cash Out button again.

Betfair Cash Out now has another feature where you can Cash Out part of your bet. They have a new slider “Cash Out part of my bet” which you can open up. You can then use the slider to see different cash out values and what else you can win. There is also a ‘Take Stake’ which gives you your stake back so you don’t lose and still have your bet in play. One thing to note you can use Betfair Cash Out as many times as you like on any single bet providing the Cash Out slider is available.

You can place Cash Out bets on multiple selections for example a yankee (4 selections) on the horses. You have three winners and now don’t fancy the fourth to go in this is a perfect time to Cash Out.

So look out for the little orange Cash Out symbol on your bet slip and happy hunting.

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