William Hills £50 Million PREM Predictor

William Hills £50 Million PREM Predictor

by 23rd July 2015

What would you do with £50 Million Pounds? Well it’s an interesting question and one I am sure that you have thought about
before. Whether it would be a mansion in the country, flash cars or exotic holiday destinations around the world. We all have
our dreams and they could come true courtesy of William Hills £50 Million Prem Predictor.

William Hills are giving the opportunity to someone or some persons out there, who can predict the finishing order of all 20 teams starting with the top of the Premier League all the way down to the bottom place. Well we all try to figure out who will finish top of the premier League and who will finish but now we have to predict the correct running order for every team in the Premier League. It would take a superhuman feat to achieve this, but then look at the rewards. £50 Million pounds!!! Awesome from William Hills.

To have a go in the £50 Million Prem Predictor (I just can’t stop saying it) you will need to have an account with William Hill’s. It is open to existing and new customers and costs £2 an entry. You can enter again and again up to a maximum of 250 trys. If there are more than one persons correctly predicting the 20 finishing places in the Premier League for this season 2015/16 the £50 Million will be shared.

All entries must be in by 3pm on Saturday 22nd August 2015. Here at BetOnlineUK wish you the best off luck.

For those that don’t have a William Hill’s online account you may click the link here. £50 Million PREM PREDICTOR.
On registering a new account with Hill’s you will be eligible to there promotion for new customers. Which is currently Bet £10 Get a FREE BET £20 (2 x £10 bet). Make sure you use the Promo Code: P20 when registering.

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